Delirio Foundation

A City’s Dream

The Delirio Foundation was born as an urban dream in 2006 with the clear aims of reclaiming the popular culture of Cali, promoting the festal identity of the city before the world, and contributing to the creation of a culture industry model that provides a cultural space in which artists can become what they want to be and find in their art a professional trade and deserved recognition.

Paso Firme

Paso Firme is the second Delirio Foundation initiative and is aimed at generating a community that sees culture as an essential element in rebuilding social fabric through four fundamental pillars: Training for Trainers; Intervention in other communities using dance, circus art and music as transformative powers; Investigation of markets that provide relevant information from social and economic aspects to promote reflection and serve as a basis to develop public policies and structure projects; Structuring and implementation of projects that promote the development and sustainability of the creative and cultural sectors.

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