Through a happy and optimistic allegory, this new staging comes from the rivers, mangroves, mountains and the magical force of the nearby Pacific, recreating with salsa, circus, dance and poetry the advent of a second universal flood, news of which an angel transmits through the dreams of a poet.

Four moments, an
unforgettable night.


The best party of the 70s and 80s in Cali style in which two dancers aim to win a dance contest. A loving relationship is threatened by the King of Pop when he makes his triumphal entry with a fast rhythm intertwined with force and irreverence.

Four moments, an
unforgettable night.


The moment at which the fourth element becomes the protagonist of the night. To a single voice, and in a single step, energies connect and the senses are shaken. And so we reach Delirium Point.

Four moments, an
unforgettable night.


The speed of the Cali dancers builds in a tribute to Cali, a city that dances; intertwining nostalgia for the songs that for decades have made us dream of the language of salsa.

Four moments, an
unforgettable night.


Hechizo, a national story (2017)

A brilliant and seductive story that is torn between reality and fantasy

Equation and download (2006)

The magic of the circus, the corporeal knowledge of our Cali dancers

Melao, a sweet counterpoint (2016)

This spectacle immerses us in the coincidences that exist between Cali and Cuba

Nobody is the same (2011)

Cali pays homage to the King of Pop through his music and his essence.

Vaivén, dreams of steam (2015)

Vaivén, a moving story that recreates a journey from Buenaventura to Cali

Mulier (2014)

The radio bursts onto the scene in Cali in 1930

The Pinta (2013)

Through a vibrant staging that vindicates popular culture and recreates the unique universe of Cali’s neighborhoods

María (2012)

Delirio pays tribute to the culture of the Valle del Cauca region through dance, music and circus

Bombo, an ode to the Pacific (2011)

Praise to the Colombian Pacific about the migration of its people and their culture to the hustle and bustle

Verbena (2010)

With Verbena, the joy of the neighborhood was transferred to the nights of Delirio.

Orula (2010)

Intimate relationship of Cali with four places that marked his style to feel the music

From 33 to 45 R.P.M (2009)

He recreated the contribution Cali to the Salsa through a tour of the most significant moments

Steps of freedom (2009)

Tribute to the biodiversity of the Colombian jungle

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